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Posted on 7th July, 2019






                              Ron Taylor


                         8/11/46 – 2/5/19





Ron was born in Naples to Giovanna and Ernie in November 1946, his dad was with Allied Forces.  


Ron and his siblings Eve, Peter and Maria grew up in a loving family first in Belvedere and then in Northumberland Heath.  They all went to St Fidelis Primary School and then the boys went to St Stephens in Welling and the girls St Catherine’s in Bexleyheath. Ron’s claim to fame at school was the pen and ink drawing of the school which was framed and put up in the main reception area.


Following school, Ron went on to serve an apprenticeship with Alexander Sun Tugs and later qualified as a Marine Engineer. After spending a few years with Sun Tugs and being fished out of the river a number of times because he couldn’t swim, He moved to Stormont Trucks where he worked his way up, then he took a job at KT Trucks as Service Manager – where he collected a number of trophies from Fords as Service Manager of the Year. Finally, he set up his own motor repair service in Eltham which ran successfully until he changed track totally and worked as a manager at The Tudor Barn. Another step change found him as a ward housekeeper firstly in QE Hospital in Woolwich and finally in St Barthomew’s Hospital. He retired in 2012 just after moving to West Farleigh.  From then he did a couple of shifts a week in the Good Intent until he was unable to work, as he was having treatment for Cancer.


Ron met Jacky on 30th March 1967 in Floyds Coffee Bar, Belvedere, their first proper date was 2nd April which coincidentally is their eldest granddaughter, Charlotte’s birthday.  They married on 31st July 1971 and went to live in Eltham where they stayed for 39 years.  During that time they had two sons, Michael and Paul and made some lifelong friends all who have been an amazing support to the family during Ron’s fight with cancer over these past couple of difficult years.


Jacky and Ron decided they wanted to move away from Eltham, and for two years lived in Barnhurst. They used to come down to this part of Kent, quite often for lunches out and when they found the bungalow on Farleigh Green, they came, looked, had a drink in the Good Intent and decided it was the house for them.


Ron had perfected the art of Grumpiness. He was called Grumpdad and Grumple Ron as well as- miserable old sod –he had more mugs, slippers and socks with Grumpy this and Grumpy that than anyone.

On the other hand he was the most loving and caring person. He loved both his close and extended family. He also treasured the relationship he had with his sister Eve and brother in law Bob. He had many friends, from Eltham and locally. His Good Intent friends called him Rocket!  Why??


He will be greatly missed by all his family and friends.



Posted on 23rd January, 2019

Welcome to Oliver Penman


Stuart and Helen Penman, residents of St Helens Lane, married in September 2016 in All Saints West Farleigh. Little Oliver was born on !9th April 2018.




Stuart is an accountant working for BAE Systems on Rochester Airfield. Helen is a Children’s’ Physiotherapist working with under-fives, and is planning to return to work part time in May next year.


Her experience with young children may be the reason why Oliver is such a contented cheery baby!  They go along to Little Angels, the baby and toddler group in the church.

Oliver was baptised in December in All Saints Church and there were refreshments in the church afterwards.



Posted on 23rd January, 2019




Rob and Nicola Peters moved into Homewinds, Charlton Lane in September 2016.

Nicholas was born on 20th October2017. He celebrated his first birthday with a party in the church. A great place for a party! 



































Mum Nicola can be seen around the village, trying to get Nicholas to sleep, but he is much too interested in his surroundings to sleep. He does like the swings on the Green, which he has been enjoying since he could sit up.Dad takes him for long walks in the baby carrier.



We are pleased to welcome Nicholas into the village.





Posted on 22nd January, 2019



22 September 1946 – 26 November 2018   





Donald was born in Dulwich but spent much of his childhood in Germany. His father learnt German while a prisoner of war and after the war he used this skill working for the Foreign Office in Germany.

As you can guess from his name, his family did not originate in the south. They came from the Isle of Lewis and Don was very proud of his Scottish roots, returning with his family for holidays. Don and his family settled in London on returning to England.

Don met his partner, Marilyn, at the Shant in East Sutton, when she went there with her brother. Don was behind the bar! Don and Marilyn spent many happy years together, first in Harrietsham, then in a cottage in East Peckham, which needed much renovation, which they did themselves. They then moved to West Farleigh, 34 years ago. Again doing a lot of work on the house, themselves.

Don and Marilyn enjoyed many holidays in the sun, exploring Spain, Italy, Mauritius and America.

Don was originally an Electrical Engineer. In later years he formed a company, SBD Fabrications Ltd, with three work colleagues manufacturing double glazed window units and conservatories.  The business was based in Sittingbourne.

He enjoyed playing squash and latterly golf and made many good friends this way.

He was kind and caring and will be missed by his family.



Posted on 16th November, 2018







Edward Francis Burkart


25th March 1924 – 14th October 2018








Edward and Sheila, his wife of 47 years, lived in West Farleigh for all of their married life.

Edward had 4 stepchildren, 6 step grandchildren and 8 step great grandchildren.

He was head boy at Aldenham School Elstree and on leaving school at 18, joined the Army, into the Gloucestershire Regiment. From 1942 he served as a Lieutenant and then a Captain.


He took part in the D-Day landings, arriving on Golden Beach Normandy and saw much action. He was subsequently appointed Knight of Oranje Nassau with Swords. In September 2016 he was appointed a Chevalier in the Ordre de la Legion d’Honneur.


Upon leaving the army, having reached the rank of Major, he worked in fine art publishing and took over his father’s business. He maintained his connection with France and had a house in The Falaise area. He went on to deal in Vintage and Classic cars. (This was reflected in the choice of hearse-a 1948 Rolls Royce).


He loved travelling and Sheila says “he opened the world to her”.


A friend, spoke of his memories of Edward, who he had known since the early 60s.

He told of the line of classic cars outside a workshop at Wrotham Heath. Rolls, Bentleys mainly but other prestigious cars also appeared. Many Rolls and Bentleys were bought and sold between them. All the while, Edward was running his father’s Greetings Card business.

Edward kept 3 Rolls Royce’s for his own amusement. His favourite being the Phantom 2 Continental.




                                     The editors’ condolences go to Sheila his wife.


Posted on 26th February, 2018








   Karina and Stuart Robertson have          lived in the village for some years now    (7 years in May) but now there is an        addition to the family. Little Ivar                (pronounced (Ivor) was born in May        last year.

  You might wonder about the spelling      of his name. It is the Danish spelling.      Karina was born and brought up in          Denmark and still has a large family there. However, she has made her home here in Britain for many years.

Stuart and Karina both work in London, and juggle their work in order to look after Ivar themselves. Karina took maternity leave for the first 7 months and has now gone back to work. Stuart is now on paternity leave and looking after Ivar fulltime. After Easter, they both plan to reduce their hours, so that there is always one of them at home to do the looking after. A very modern scenario!


Posted on 26th February, 2018

John and Jen have moved into Peacehaven, at the top of Charlton Lane (where Dee Reed used to live). They are originally from the Abbey Wood area and more recently Leybourne.  As you might guess, John’s grandfather came from Italy.

They are both retired. John was a builder (which is lucky as there is a lot to do in the bungalow!) and Jen was an estate agent.  They were keen to move as their previous house was a bit big for them and surrounded by other houses.  They craved a view and now they have a great one!

They have three children, 6 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

They are concentrating on getting the house straight and hope to join in village activities as and when. Their neighbours will keep them up to speed with what is going on.

Welcome to the new owners of Park Cottage

Posted on 17th November, 2017



















Richard and Clare Oirschot moved into Park Cottage, Charlton Lane, in May. They have moved from West Wickham, where they have lived for 25 years. In West Farleigh they are nearer to their woklplaces. Clare works at the Big Cat Sanctuary at Headcorn. Richard is a Chartered Accountant and is doing consultancy work for Medway Housing Association, Croydon NHS and some private companies.

Richard is also a Parish Councillor in Camber were they have another property.


They like to visit South Africa on alternate years to visit the game reserves. They are both interested in the conservation of  animals.


West Farleigh is ideal for them as it is equidistant from their three grown up children. Their dog has more green space and freedom that he did before. There is talk of another to keep him company!


They are keen to become part of the community and will join in when they can. Clare is musical and enjoys Amateur dramatics. Richard like to play cricket, so the Sports Club will no doubt snap him up!





Posted on 13th October, 2017




Lorna, Andrew, Emily and Isabel have moved into Ridgely, Charlton Lane. They have moved from Loose as their growing family needed more room.

Andrew is a builder and is busy tidying up and decorating their new home. Lorna was a helpdesk technician for an engineering company, but is now a full time mum, enjoying looking after her children. Their family lives close by.

Emily is 5 and attends Loose Primary School. Isabel is just 1 and Lorna is hoping to take her along to Little Angels in the church.


Lorna and Andrew are interested to get to know more people in the village and join in village life. Andrew has expressed an interest in playing cricket-I’m sure the Sports Club will be pleased to hear from him! He also has an interest in collecting Militaria. Lorna is artistic and creative.

We hope they enjoy living in West Farleigh and that they will be made welcome.


Interestingly we now have 3 James families within 100yds of each other in Charlton Lane. Not related as far as we know!


Posted on 26th July, 2017

          Welome to Chris and Megan Wilson






   The Wilson family have moved into the top house in St Helen's Lane. They have moved from Gravesend as they wanted a more rural setting with easy access to dog walking areas. They have two longhaired German Shepherds and a labrador.

They are enjoyingin being woken up by the birds and walking their dogs along the river. hris is an engineer working for CocaCola at Sidcup and Megan works for Medway Council looking after carparks and parking enforcement. 

Their son Sam is a kayaker and does the sport competitively, havong learnt to paddle in the Scouts. Kitty is a keen dancer and helps out at childrens dance classes. She works at Otford Boarding Kennels.


Chris and Megan are keen to be integrated into the village. Megan already sings with the Farleighs' Choir. Chris played cricket for the village. Lets make them welcome.