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Welcome To West Farleigh!


We hope this sheet will provide you with some useful local contacts


Details of village events including church services are also published monthly in Lifeline, the village newsletter delivered free to all households


West Farleigh Parish Council 


The council usually meet on the third Monday every other month and all parishoners are

welcome to attend the meetings

Details are published in Lifeline and the agenda is displayed on the parish noticeboards.



Mr Bruce Scott                  Tutsham Mill Pond, WF                              ME15 0NF                                          814476


Cllr Bryan Merritt              3 Rookery Row, Charlton Lane, WF          ME15 0NW                                        813990

Cllr Geoff Martin               Smith’s Hill Farm, Hunt Street,                  ME15 0PG                                         812189

Cllr Larry Johnson           Smithscroft Cottage, Smith’s Hill              ME15 0PG                                         812580 

Cllr Jill Morgan                 Hillcroft,Charlton Lane                               ME15 0PA                                         726251

Cllr Helen Swan               Appledore, Charlton Lane                          ME15 0NL                                          814445  




Mrs Amanda Broadhurst    16 Merivale Grove,Walderslade, Chatham, ME5 8HP  01634 681685


Please send parish council email enquires to westfarleighpc@googlemail.com


County Councillor 

Cllr Paulina Stockell          Farthing Green Barn, New Barn Road, Hawkenbury                                           842508



Maidstone Borough Councillors

Cllr Brian Mortimer                     Crispin, 161 Heath Road, Coxheath ME17 4PA                                           746046


Cllr Richard Webb                         Westerhill Road, Coxheath                                                                                                                                                           Richardwebb@maidstone.gov.uk

Cllr Emily Fermor                        Emily fermor <emilyfermor@maidstone.gov.uk>


Kent Messenger Correspondent


Community Warden

Adam McKinley                       Adam.McKinley2@kent.gov.uk                                    07811 271021



Editors of Lifeline Newsletter

Jacky Taylor, Helen Swan and Stephen Norman    editor@farleighevents.com


Community Policing


Megan Day                                   megan.day@kent.pnn.police.uk                                                       101                                


All Saints Church

Please ask any of the following about home visits, church services,

Baptisms, weddings and funerals;


Rector                  Peter Callway          The Rectory Heath Road Coxheath                                      747570

Non-stipendiary ministers

                            Revd David Jones      13 Woodlands, Coxheath                                                          741474

                            Revd Eileen Doyle                                                                                                       670696



Mrs Valerie Grainger                                                        The Barn, Hilltop, Hunton               820305

Booking secretary     Sue O 'Donnell   Campana Charlton Lane West Farleigh                     727852

October 2016