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Latest Posts


Posted on 2nd August, 2022






After a long battle with cancer, on the 21st of June 2022, at the age of 59. 

Billie passed away in the Heart of Kent Hospice, surrounded by her family. She will always be lovingly remembered by her daughters Emilie and Alex, and by her grandson Isaac. As well as the scores of other people whose lives she touched. 

Billie was born on the 11th of September 1962, in Pembury, to parents Agatha and Thomas Turk. The family settled in Farleigh and Billie attended Cornwallis School. She always loved music, particularly classic rock and blues, and had seen all sorts of bands through the years. The house was never quiet when she was around. 

She was full of energy, silliness and positivity, she was no nonsense and straight talking and always hilarious. 

Billie was a devoted Mum, Nana and friend. Even through her cancer battle and right to the end, she put others before herself. She would take in people who were having a hard time and still managed to make sure everyone else was loved and cared for. 

Billie was absolutely one of a kind, adored by those around her and, even though we miss her terribly, our family feels blessed to have had her for the time we did. 


There will be a private memorial held for her, however the date is yet to be confirmed.



Posted on 28th February, 2022

Hugh Grainger



1st May1931 - 24th January 2022







Hugh was born in Wimbledon.  He was the eldest child & had three younger brothers, Stuart, Christopher and Peter. 

His brothers were all talented artists musicians or dramatists and Hugh did his best to support them although he did not share their talents.  He always tried to support their exhibitions and dramatic performances.

The family moved to Plymouth when his father’s work took him there and at ten he was sent to Kings School Canterbury which had been evacuated to Cornwall.

Their parents divorced in the 1950s and Hugh, still a teenager, kept the brothers together as a unit. Doing many things together including, forming a family band, with Hugh on drums.

After school he did 2 years National Service in the army and then tried his hand at farming, keeping up his drumming with Billingshurst Town Band.


Increasingly he became sure he was called to the ministry.  After his exclusive type of education, he felt he needed to mingle more with those less fortunate so enlisted in the army for a further 3 years.


In 1957 he went to Kings College London to study theology for 3 years.

Valeria went up in the same year to study at Bedford College, University of London.  Her Hall of Residence for 36 female students in a beautiful Queen Anne house in Regent’s Park held an annual dance in October to which they invited male students from male Halls of Residence.  Hugh went to the dance in 1958 and Valeria opened the door to him.  They married 2 years later on New Year’s Eve 1960.

 In his final year at King’s Hugh began to feel that perhaps a dog collar might be a barrier so thought of social work instead.  After getting a Social Work qualification he worked as a Child Care Officer at Hammersmith, then Reading, Abingdon and then Slough, where he was Area Director of Social Services in the new unified Social Care structure, finally moving to Kent where he was Director of Social Services for the Tonbridge and Sevenoaks Area. Which is when they moved to The Barn.

The church was not forgotten and for over 50 years he was a Lay Reader taking services and assisting in the ministry of his local area. Latterly, at All Saints West Farleigh, supporting the incumbent and supporting the church through

several inter regnum, when we had no vicar. With Valeria as church warden, they were a formidable pair!

He and Valeria had 3 children, Karen, Sarah and Richard who in turn gave them 10 grandchildren and to date 7.5 great grandchildren.


Hugh’s great love was dancing and this was something he and Valeria enjoyed until Hugh lacked the strength to continue.  He also enjoyed DIY, for which his children were grateful, when they had their own homes. He even took a plumbing course so that he and Val could improve conditions in an orphanage in Romania. He loved his gardens. Travelling was important, for many years they had a caravan and on retirement progressed to a Motor Home which they used to travel throughout the UK and Europe, Turkey being the most distant country they toured in the van. With Val he visited countries further afield, sometimes cruising. Cruising being an ideal way of combining his love or travel and dancing!

Our thoughts and condolences go to Val and her family.


Welcome Steve Davis

Posted on 15th January, 2022


Steve moved into Dawson’s Cottages, in November but he is no stranger to West Farleigh.

Steve has known Steve, from the Good Intent, since they were at playschool together, in the WI Hall in Forge Lane., East Farleigh. They have been friends ever since, so it would have been rude not to frequent the pub! Consequently, Steve has got to know a lot of the West Farleigh people who are regulars at the pub.

When he has time, he likes to fish in the Medway and in his youth swam in it also.

Steve has travelled the world, the furthest place he has lived was Sidney, but he always came back to base in East Farleigh, to his Mum, who lives in Priory Close.

He is working for the NHS Technical Services and working from home at the moment.

He is enjoying the house and its views, but is curious to know who Dawson was and why he needed four cottages!

We hope that he enjoys living in our friendly and sociable village.


Posted on 25th November, 2021







Greta was born in Battle but grew up in Robertsbridge. Her first job was in a chemical factory in Tenterden, where she trained as a chemist. It was here she met her future husband, Peter. They married in April 1954.


Peter accepted a farm maintenance job, which came with a house, at Tutsham farm. They settled in Kennel Cottage, which is in Wateringbury. It was there they raised their 6 children.

Unfortunately, the house being close to the river it was at risk of flooding. In the 1968 they had to be rescued by boat from the bedroom window! It was then that the Days decided to move the family closer to the farm and further away from the river.


They moved to Marshalls Cottage in Hunt Street. When Peter retired, they moved to Tutsham Cottages and lived next door to Geoff and Candy Martin. Greta did casual farm work while raising her children. Subsequently working as a cook at BHS and the Safeway. She then moved to Linton Hospital as a housekeeper. She later worked for Peter Day, driving him around to do shopping and generally looking after the bungalow in Charlton Lane. She followed this by working for Mr and Mrs Randell.


After her husband’s death, Greta moved into the village to a house in Charlton Lane. She retired finally aged 80.

Greta joined in village life, joining the WI and the Evergreens. She was often seen driving about in her little yellow car, taking friends out and about.

She will be a loss in the village, her wicked sense of humour and cheekiness will be missed by many folk!


She was not without mishaps in her life! Greta had put a ham joint on to boil and went out to pick the children up from school. On their return there was a fire engine and black smoke pouring out of the window. She had forgotten to put any water in the pan.


Another occasion on Christmas day, she tripped on a step in the kitchen knocked over a pile of saucepans, managing to get one stuck on her head. A trip to A&E was needed to remove it, which included having stitches! Greta was more upset that she had to set to and cook the Christmas lunch when she got home!!


Her daughter, Jean, will not forget the time she realised that both her mother and father were asleep in the car. Greta was supposed to be driving! What made it worse Greta was towing a caravan!


Another occasion, when she was driving to Bluewater, she found herself at the Dartford Crossing. Unbelievably Greta persuaded the attendant to stop the traffic so she could turn around and go back to Bluewater. Only Greta had enough cheek to ask!


Greta was planning to wing walk on her 90th birthday, but could not get insurance, so her plans changed to going down a zipwire. She did not make it, but her family will do it instead!

We hope that she is entertaining and making people laugh in Heaven. They will certainly know she has arrived!


Posted on 27th September, 2021


Baby Neo was born to Zoe and John Fenlon, of Garden Cottage, Smiths Hall.

He was born on 8th July  2021, wighing 6lbs 3oz. Congratuations, another young villager.

Lets hope Lucas and Neo will be mates!



Posted on 27th September, 2021



Lucas Joseph Easterbrook Norman


Lucas was born on 6th August 2021 to Alex and William Norman, of Elmscroft Charlton Lane. He was born in Pembury Hospital, weighing in at 7lb 13 oz. 

Congratulations, its great to see new life in the village.



Posted on 17th June, 2021

Charlotte (Lottie) moved to West Farleigh in 1975 when husband Vernon (Vern) took up the, live in, post of Head Gardener at Smiths Hall. When Vern retired they moved to the pretty ragstone bungalow near the Green. They had a great interest in Country and Western music and also in their garden. After Vern passed away, in 2011, Lottie grew increasingly frail, until her death on 22nd February 2021. She will be sadly missed by her friends and family.


Posted on 17th June, 2021

                                                     GOODBYE CHRIS                                                                          




Christine Furlonger lived in Charlton Lane for 40 plus years and was a well- loved member of the community. An active WI member, Trustee and treasurer of The Farleighs’ WI Hall. A keen amateur performer, she and her pals put on entertaining shows for care homes, the WI and one year, performed at the Harvest Supper and upset the vicar, with their leotards and fishnet stockings. (Not seemly in church!) But it was great fun!

She had bravely fought and appeared to be winning a battle with cancer, but unfortunately it was not to be won. Several of her neighbours and WI friends stood on the Green to see her off and wish her love and peace. Her coffin was a wicker casket decorated with pink roses. Chris would have approved!



Posted on 13th May, 2021



William and Alex


William and Alex Norman are very pleased to have at last moved into Elmscroft House.

Renovation of the house started in April, 2020. Latterly they have been the painters and decorators. William is no stranger to West Farleigh as Smiths Hall is his family home. Alex is also a Kent girl living in Sevenoaks as a child. They have spent the last decade living and working in London. Alex as an antique dealer and upholsterer.

They have recently acquired a Dalmation puppy, Roxy, and soon will be collecting a Golden Retriever puppy. To add even more fun they are expecting their first child in August.








Posted on 13th May, 2021





Michael (Tonkin, 65) and Susanne (Knuth,57) had been looking for a house for three years, and are happy that they found Greenwood (the former home of Alf Board and his family)
By trade Michael is a toolmaker and engineer who ran a shop fitting company for 30 years in Croydon. He loves working on property is keen to repair and update their new home. Susanne is from Germany living in England with Michael for the last 8 years. She loves gardening and is a student and practitioner of Jin Shin Jyutsu for over 20 years