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More about the missing Spitfire

Posted on 20th August, 2021

After posting that dramatic picture and commentary, more information has come forward from local residents. The first is the lecture notes for a talk given by Geoff Cox, the painter of that picture from a lecture he gave to the Teston History Society in the 1990s. This has all kinds of fascinating detail, including the description of the crash landing of a Hurricane piloted by a French pilot, who was taken off to the pub for a pint after his ordeal! 


You can read Geoff Cox's notes here


But we also had a long term West Farleigh resident, Jack Martin, come forward.  Jack's recollection - aged 3 - was very vivid. An aircraft came down and his Dad carried him down to see it. It was a Spitfire!


I published 4 articles about the material and in particular Cox and Martin's recollections in West Farleigh Lifeline.  Here they are.  The whereabouts of Cale's aircraft (or at least the engine) remains a mystery.


Stephen Norman

Aug 2021


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