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Neighbourhood Watch has had a complete makeover.  The new website is easy to navigate and it has lots of useful information and good advice.  Click on this link or go to www.maidstonehw.co.uk


Your village representatives are: 


Julie King (Lower Rd)                       01622 816977 or juliekingme15@btinternet.com

Chris Stockwell (Lower Charlton)     01622 812995 or hollyvillas@hotmail.co.uk

Jacky Taylor  (The Green)                01622 236421 or jackytaylor50@gmail.com



Latest Posts

Latest scams from Kent Police NHW

Posted on 6th December, 2017

This information was received from Kent Police


Suspicious Call


A phone call was received from a person who claimed to be employed by ' one of three government employed companies' to check the power installations in private homes. He stated the home was on his list and wished to make an appointment to carry out the inspection, which he implied was obligatory.


The Caller replied stated the check was free but the householder would be charged for any remedial work.


There have been similar calls relating to water and power where people were offered money from the government to carry out insulations and checks, but these are NOT obligatory.


Please check that any companies you ask to carry out the work are suitably registered and that the work is actually required, and DON'T allow anyone into you home unless you are certain they are genuine.


Another Courier Scam


Telephone call received (late November 2017) advising that they were calling from the bank – they did not specify which bank and naturally this was not questioned.  Caller stated he was conducting an internal investigation into bank staff and that she was to tell no one that she was assisting with the investigation.  He stated that counterfeit money had been put into accounts and that she was to withdraw 2 separate sums on consecutive days, and that once withdrawn he would ring her and check random numbers on some of the bank notes to determine if they were the ones that they had introduced and were circulating in the system. A courier from the bank would collect the money and then her account would be re credited with genuine notes. She was to leave the phone off the hook when they were communicating so that she would not be contacted by anyone and she was to tell no one why she was withdrawing the money, including the bank staff. She also had to take ID to withdraw the money.  Money was withdrawn and the courier, described as male in his 20s and Mediterranean appearance, collected the money the same day.


Remember no-one in authority will ask for your account numbers or ask you to withdraw money from the bank.



Be careful out there!



Vandalism on our Village Green

Posted on 10th November, 2017

Did you hear or see anyone driving a vehicle around the Green last night? Initially it looks like a car but if you look closely at the wheel marks it is more than likely a quad bike - I have been advised. In addition to the damage to the grass, a sapling and a post were knocked over.


If you did see or hear anything at all, please contact our Neighbourhood Watch Team or respond on-line to this post.


Damage to village green

Burgary - don't let it happen to you

Posted on 9th November, 2017

Following a recent attempted burglary in Charlton Lane we thought it would be useful to refresh our memories with the latest advise from Kent Police:


"Most of us lock our homes before going out or going to bed, but what about during the day when most burglaries happen? Our annual burglary prevention campaign, which runs from October to January, shares top tips to help residents protect their homes and valuables from opportunistic thieves.


Do you also :

  • use timer switches on lights and radios to make it look like you’re home?
  • keep car keys, cash and expensive items somewhere safe and out of sight?
  • security-mark and photograph important items to help identify them if needed?
  • use a safe to store gold jewellery  – or better still, a safety deposit box at your bank?

By working together, we can make it harder for thieves to strike.


For more advice visit www.kent.police.uk/burglary , find us on Facebook or follow @kent_police on Twitter."

Kent's Watch Out Magazine, October 2017

Posted on 10th October, 2017

Please follow this link to read the latest magazine from Kent Neighbourhood Watch, which gives you advice and information to help keep you safe and secure.


If you have any concerns please do contact your Neighbourhood Watch representatives, Julie, Chris or myself Jacky.

Thefts from Vans

Posted on 8th September, 2017

Kent Police is reminding van owners to lock their vehicles and remove valuables


At around 10.45pm on Tuesday 18 July 2017, four men were reported to have stolen gardening equipment from a van.


Two of the men drove away in a car described as a VW Golf and the other two men described as wearing a white jumper and black jumper walked away from the scene. 


Property including a drill, hedge trimmer, leaf blower and two strimmers were stolen.


Inspector Rachael Cumberland said: 'The theft of tools and equipment from work vans can have a devastating impact on people’s livelihoods, so we would urge van owners to do all they can to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.'


There are a number of steps which can be taken to help prevent items being stolen from vans:


  • Remove all tools and equipment from your vehicle when it’s unattended.
  • Park in a well-lit secure location in a locked garage or on a driveway if possible.
  • Consider investing in additional locks that you can fit to your van.
  • Consider investing in CCTV and sensors which alert you when someone walks near your vehicle or enters the driveway.
  • Have valuables `security marked’ so it makes them harder to sell on if they are stolen.
  • Report anyone acting suspiciously.


Anyone who saw the men or who has information that may help is asked to contact Kent Police on 01622 604100 quoting reference YY/020019/17.


Alternatively contact Kent Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.

Rogue Traders in and around Maidstone

Posted on 8th September, 2017

North West Kent Neighbourhood Watch give the following advice following a recent spate of robberies by rogue traders


Lock your back doors and windows before answering your front door. Never leave your front door unattended. If you need to get something, close it until you return.

·         Use a spyhole and ask who the caller is through the door first, then keep the door on the chain.

·         Check their identification, even if they have a pre-arranged appointment.

·         If you are not expecting the caller and they do not carry an ID card, do not let them in.

·         If you have any doubts about whether the caller is genuine, ask them to leave and come back at a time convenient to you and when you've had a chance to ask someone to be with you. You can also contact Trading Standards with their vehicle details, company name, contact details and any other information you have.

·         Before allowing any work to be carried out, it is best to obtain a quote or get a second quote from a recognised firm.

·         Do not pay anyone for work before it is carried out, and certainly never go to the bank to draw out cash if a lift is offered by the people who knock on the door.

Keep Your Property Safe

Posted on 23rd July, 2017




There were a number of attempted thefts reported to the recent Parish Council meeting including another attempted break-in in Ewell Lane in broad daylight.


Please make sure you lock all doors and windows, when you go out. Don’t leave tempting things visible, most thefts are opportunistic and not planned. Do not give them the opportunity!


West Farleigh has a relatively low crime rate - lets keep it like this.  Please do contact your Neighbourhood Watch representatives if you have any concerns.

No such thing as a free dongle!

Posted on 15th June, 2017

What do I mean by my neighbourhood?  Traditionally, the friendly little community around my home.  But as the world becomes more connected, perhaps we need to rethink the word.  Aren’t your Facebook friends “neighbours” of a kind?  Perhaps we should call them e-neighbours and the community to which I am electronically connected, is my e-neighbourhood.


My e-neighbourhood is really a jungle.  E-thieves, e-beasts and e-snakeoil salesmen lurk behind every tree.  Here’s a recent example.  I had a friendly but unsolicited call from my phone company (Vodafone, to save you guessing).  The lady wanted to review my account.  I agreed and it turned out she could put me on a better plan, with more monthly data that matched my actual usage.  That would save me money!  Of course, I was grateful and ready to agree.  And, she said, with this plan, you will receive a free tablet computer!  Wow!  I don’t actually need a tablet computer but maybe my 2 year old granddaughter does.  I’m sure she does.  And then I remembered…


2 years ago, I had a similar call from Vodafone.  This time, it was a free dongle that would create a wi-fi zone for multiple computers.  I could use it on the train.  Free?  Not really!  When my monthly bill arrived, I discovered that I was paying £15 a month for the SIM card inside.  I had unknowingly signed up for a year.  Ugh.  But once bitten, as they say, twice shy.


“So,” I said suspiciously to the Vodafone lady, “does this tablet come with a SIM card?”  “Oh yes,” she said, “of course.”  Ah-ha!!  “In that case,” I said firmly, “I don’t want it.”  “In that case,” she said firmly, “you can’t have the new data contract.”  I saw red.  The conversation became heated.  The term “mis-selling” floated between us.  It was the magic word.  All of a sudden, I could have the new contract, and no tablet needed.  


I’m sharing this, hoping it will help a real neighbour being stung the same way.  


This article is an editorial piece, not derived from the official Neighbourhood Watch.  


Has something like this happened to you?  Comment below or email us: editor@thefarleighs.co.uk  

Damage to garden wall

Posted on 15th May, 2017

A garden wall in Charlton Lane was badly damaged between 7 am and 8.15 am this morning.

If you saw anything please contact editors@farleighevents.co.uk. This link shows the damage.

West Kent Police have sent the advise below relating to rogue traders.


Do not deal with doorstep callers offering work on your home or garden. In one incident a 'trader' inspected the houseowners roof and reappeared with a dead squirrel stating the roof was infested.  He demanded £300!

. Use reputable traders who are members of the KCC Trading Standards approved trader scheme, run in partnership with Checkatrade.

. Ask for quotes in writing and check that the tradesperson is from the company they say they are from.

. Ring at least three traders to get a feel for an average price for the job.

Call 101 to report any problems involving suspected rogue traders or call the Citizens Advice Consumer Services Consumer Direct on 03454 040506.