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Posted on 19th October, 2019

A plea from local dog walkers……to all dog walkers


Please clean up after your dog.


The sheep fields in Charlton Lane have long been a facility for the football pitch and dog walkers. The Sports Club utilise the field to train youngsters and also to play local teams.  As dog walkers we are extremely grateful to those allowing us to walk our dogs here.  Our dogs can run freely and safely, and we feel safe due to the visibility and security of the fields.  Dog walking is a great social activity and many of us in West Farleigh have got to know one another by exercising our dogs.

Unfortunately, there are a small minority of dog owners who do not clear up after their dogs.  This is unacceptable for a number of reasons –

  • It can pose a health risk to those playing on the football pitch, especially children.
  • Crops can be ruined by dog faeces.
  • There are disease-causing bacteria and parasites in some dog faeces, and these can be passed on to sheep.
  • It is extremely unpleasant for anyone who happens to step on it.


Some might argue that dog faeces are ‘totally natural’ or that there is “no difference between sheep and dog poop”.  This is not the case.  Sheep are herbivores and their droppings can be made into manure, whereas dogs are carnivores. Dog waste is an environmental pollutant, and if it’s left on the grass it decays and bacteria will seep into the soil.

In response to reports by the Sports Club of dog waste being left on the football field, local dog walkers met to discuss the issue.  It was agreed unanimously that the disposal of bagged dog waste should not be the responsibility of a member of the Sports Club. Dog walkers should dispose of the bags themselves.  In an attempt to encourage all dog owners to clean up after their dogs, it was agreed that the dog walkers would provide signage and put an article in LifeLine and on the village Facebook page to this effect.  It was suggested that the Sports Club be approached, to see if they would consider securing some gaps to the fencing of the football field with chicken wire to prevent smaller unaccompanied dogs access to the pitch.


Back to the plea…….


It is a great spot to walk dogs, but now it’s become a case of pick it up and take it home, or we all lose the facility. So, please help…..

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