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Kent Men of the Trees - Judges Feedback from previous years


- The established trees are looking good - a beautiful Copper Beech, Field Maple and Millennium Lime (Village Green)


 - A very interesting estate with many fine trees (Ewell Manor)


 - A very pleasing churchyard. Path to church lined with golden Irish Yews, six very clean English Yews in the churchyard have been kept clean of ivy and elder (Churchyard)


 - Very fine trees in field by church including some youngish plantings (Church Lane)


 - Many mature Horse Chestnuts round the perimeter as well as Beech trees (Cricket Ground)


 - What a lovely sight to see the mature Ginkgo Biloba in all its majesty - an old Ginkgo such as this one is to be treasured (Smiths Hill)


 - Just past Smith's Hall is a wonderful new plantation of 7 acres planted by Stephen Norman. It is a striking feature of hardwood trees and should mature well if looked after (Smiths Hall)


 - A very nice mature Italian Black Poplar was seen (St Helen's, Kettle Lane)


 - The English Pendunculate Oak in the lay-by on Maidstone Road (Lower Road) looks healthy and is thriving


 - I saw many fine trees in public places and in private gardens, and particularly I noticed the Catalpa Aurora in a garden behind and to the side of the Good Intent (B&L's Garden?)


 - The Liquidambar is growing exceptionally well on the lower boundary (Cricket Ground)


 - The twelve year old Walnut next to the Pub car park is doing well. The Robinia and Copper Beech in the private garden next door are very attractive (Good Intent and B&L's Garden)


 - The beautiful Plane will develop a majestic shape now that it has more space (Tutsham Mill Pond)


 - There are many Oaks in this village and 2 massive ones are on the roadside in Mill Lane. From the lane I saw an attractive series of Crack Willows planted by the river (Mill Lane)


 - 'Handel(s)' Oak - It is fortunate to receive extra water every time the river floods and is looking good.! (Teston Lane)


 - There are some good Beeches on the left going down this lane to the church (Church Lane)


  - An excellent variety of Trees, well-spaced (Cricket Ground)


 - I was very impressed by the tidiness of the churchyard and the quality of both varieties of Yew. The Golden Irish Yews have been trimmed to a sensible size. The Deodar Cedar is glorious (Churchyard)


 - We did not have direct access to the grounds but I could see the magnificent Tulip Tree which should be TPO'd. I understand that there is an avenue of Limes which is worth keeping also. This estate contains some historic trees (Court Lodge)


 - Here there is a good variety of English parkland trees (Elmscroft Park)


 - It is clear that trees in West Farleigh are well cared for (West Farleigh!)



These are just some of the comments received, there are many more.