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Posted on 22nd August, 2017

So now the days are shortening its time to start to split and divide herbaceous perennials that have finished for the year. Make sure the plants are replanted or potted up as quickly as possible and watered to help them recover from the shock of being split.


You can also check/start to cut of runners from plants such as strawberries as by now they will have rooted well and should be able to survive on their own. There are other methods of propagation which can be done this month such as hard wood cutting to increase your plant numbers for next year, Check the RHS website for advice on what plants can be propagated in this way.

Summer raspberries can be pruned back just leaving the new young growth which will become next years fruiting canes.

If you have fruit trees in your garden try to remove damaged / mouldy fruit when you see it as it can help spread disease to the rest of the crop. You can also cut any long grass at the base of the tree to help spot windfalls.

If you are lucky enough to have a glass house now is likely to be the best time to have a good clean and tidy before any plants starts to go back in for winter protection.

Keep an eye out for seed pods in the garden as these are a great resource for growing more plants next year and can be a great help if plants do die over a hard winter.


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