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Harvest Supper 2015


On a wonderfully balmy Saturday evening, about 75 residents of the village gathered in All Saint's Church for the annual Harvest Supper organised by Jacky Taylor, Terry & Anne Ayres and many others.


A large table groaned beneath the weight of dishes of delicious food provided by people from the village. There was easily enough to go round about three times! And some of us felt is was rude not to at least try! Pudding had to be apple pie, and again we were not disappointed.


Musical entertainment was provided by the most excellent Peter King, accompanied by Lin on keyboards and Roy on guitar, known collectively as Pete & Co. Their song list comprised popular tunes from the sixties and seventies, and the audience certainly had a chance to sing along. Hi Ho Silver Lining produced the traditional forest of swaying arms and for one song they were accompanied on stage by Jacky Taylor - see picture below!


During the evening we all sweated over one of Tim Hill's renowned quizzes. As usual the questions varied from quite difficult to just obscure, but the winning team managed a remarkable 45 out of 49. A copy of the brain teaser will be posted on this site next week so you too can have a go. 


A surprise, and welcome return of The Great Thrombosis provided an hilarious highlight to the evening.  Thrombosis' act, accompanied on "stage" by Fergus and the lovely Jackie, was a demonstration of hypnosis and levitation. The show involved a large piece of plate glass which had to be carefully carried and placed behind them. And unseen wires to be stepped over. The sheer joy of the act was enhanced by the unintentional confusion caused by Ann Ayres charged with the responsibility of controlling the lighting. It was a bit like a slow motion disco accompanied by conflicting/helpful advice from the audience, plaintive instructions from Thrombosis and the plea, "Has anyone got a torch?" We were reminded of the slightly out-of-control performance of Tommy Cooper where things were not going quite to plan. Next year? Book your tickets early!


For images of the Harvest Supper, please go to the gallery page.



Finally, a quick round-up of the good and kind folk of the village who helped make it a  well- organised success; Jacky, Terry and Ann, Stephen, Helen, Sue, Christine, David, Brian and Lesley, Jack and Yvonne, Wendy, Paul and not least, Sam and Jake. And all those who stayed behind to clear up!


Chris Stockwell