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Castle Farm, Heath Road

Posted on 17th February, 2016

Rumbles, rumours and gossip abound about what is happening to the Castle Farm land adjacent to Kettle Lane. Will it be a windfarm, a housing development, camping site? What has happened to the Public Footpath


I had the pleasure of talking with the landowner, Mr Gilbert junior shortly after the trees in Kettle Lane were 'trimmed' back.  His parents who I am sure you all know (Mr and Mrs Gilbert) are now living in a care home.  The land has been left untended for a number of years so Mr Gilbert is preparing the land for agricultural use which he hopes to rent out in the near future.


The trees and hedgerow were in a terrible state and rotting, so they have all been cut back to encourage new growth. 


The Publc Footpath is still there and has not not been taken out of service.  But be warned it is very muddy due to the wet weather conditions of late.


Jacky Taylor



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Comments (1)

Thanks Jacky. It needed sorting. The Willow windbreak was a liability as trees would come down in high wind and block the footpath.

Looks much better with the hedges trimmed.