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Harvest Supper: Pete & Co has them dancing in the aisles!

Posted on 9th October, 2017

All Saints was full to capacity on Saturday night, celebrating the Village Harvest Supper. 


After a spectacular buffet laid on by the Friends of All Saints, Pete & Co struck up with a selection of old and new favourites.  "I've got a brand new combine harvester" so appealed to our churchwarden, Valeria Grainger that she and Hugh got up and danced (see clip below!).  Perhaps it's time for a barn dance in the village?  


In addition to the honey roast ham, fresh salmon (x3!) and a cornucopia of salads, the party was enhanced by a donation of home made cider and a case of wine from two generous parishioners.  Dessert was a delicious home made apple pie from the Ayears kitchen.


Pete, Roy and Linda played two 40 minutes sets.  The organisers rushed through the extensive raffle during the interval!  Raffle prizes included Sunday lunch for 2 at the Good Intent a fine bottle of whisky, two flagons of Polglase cider, a marvellous basket of fruit and many other delightful prizes. The raffle raised a record £224.


Val Grainger our churchwarden thanked the Friends at the end of the evening, and asked for would-be supporters of All Saints to contact Terry Ayears or Jacky Taylor to sign up!  One feature of the event was the number of newcomers to the village who came along - there were four or five new families, a welcome addition.


The event was - we think - enjoyed by all but also raised £895 pounds for the church, and another £110 for Pete & Co's Alzheimer's charity.  Someone caught these lovely moments on this short clip (click on the little square box below the image to see it full screen):   




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Love Pete and Co, really good at what they do..... and donating to the Alzheimer’s Society is excellent. Well done......