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Posted on 20th March, 2019




  • Start at the Tickled Trout. They will be pleased to see you when you ahve finished the walk!
  • Stop at the numbered points on the map, for village information. 
  • Keep dogs on the lead if there are sheep or horses in the fields. Clear up after them.
  • Take great care crossing the top of Teston Lane.


1.       Look at the unusual brick chimney stacks on the Tickled Trout. Turn right towards Yalding.

2.    Do look at the elegent Queen Anne house, which is Smiths Hall.

3.   Turn right up the Byway not a Bridle path.

4.     Teston can be seen clearly in the distance. Continue beyond the metalled surface, through the first gate.Cross the field to another gate and go diagonally left to another gate.

5.       Turn right into the driveway of Tutsham, after noting the chimney. Tar was heated here. Hop poles and fence posts were dipped in tar to preserve them.

6.    Continue down the drive.Note the the orchard on the left, it is the last of the old style, with large trees.

7.   Go past the oast houses. Roundels and an American Oast which has been converted into flats and workplaces. Find the kissing gate, ahead and slightly left. 

8.     Follow the track.The pill box was erected in WW2 to defend the bridge.

9.      Continue past the white weatherboarded cottages, over the mill stream. Then look at the roots of the tree climbing down the wall, on the right.

10.  There is another pillbox behind the


11.     Cross over the road at the end of the lane. Teston Lock has recently been renovated and a fishpass installed.

12.   Look at the notice board for many more facts. Follow the footpath acoss the fields to the Church.

13.     Do have a look round the churchyard.

14.   The iron work on the church gate commemorates 60 years of Queen Victorias reign.

15.     The church was built in the 1100's. The tower, vestry and porch added later.

Turn right up Church Lane to Lower Road.

16.    West Farleigh and Canterbury County Cricket Grounds both have trees in the playing area!

17.   Turn right passed the village school which is now a house. Before the school was built many of the villager could not read or write. This is demonstrated in the Marriage register in the church.

18.   Continue to the junction with Teston Lane. Carefully cross the lane and then cross to the pavement on the other side. 

19.     Continue to the The Tickled Trout, which was originally called the Chequers.

20.   A Chequer tree was often planted by a pub, the fruit of this tree, which is in the same family as the Rowan, has berries which smell of beer!!


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