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West Farleigh in Bloom



West Farleigh in Bloom


West Farleigh entered the Village category of South and South East in Bloom for the first time in 2018 and we received a Bronze certificate. In 2019 we entered both the Village category and also the Churchyard category. In both we reached Silver medals.


We are entering the same 2 categories again in 2020 and are still aiming to better ourselves, at least a Silver Gilt this year!

Kent Wildlife Trust


We liaise with the local Kent Wildlife Trust alot in our efforts to support the environment in our village.


We have worked together to designate a large green expance managed by the Highways agency as a 'Wilder Verge'

They are also promoting Wild About Gardens which we are embracing. More can be found out here

Read more about our floral efforts in the community:


Flower Arrangers at All Saints


Monthly Litter Picking



Read our Monthly blog about birds, animals and wildlife in West Farleigh by local resident Ray Morris.  Farleigh Feathers 

Read our Monthly blog about gardening by professional gardener Jon Fenlon.

This Month in the Garden




West Farleigh in Bloom monthly blog

Read through my latest blog posts and feel free to comment on them if you like.



Latest Posts

Pictures of our village during Covid-19

Posted on 24th March, 2020

For all the households that are self-isolating or social distancing we thought it would be enjoyable to post pictures of the spring bulbs around our village to enjoy remotely. Please let us know if you enjoy them or have any future ideas. We shall be posting these on our facebook page as well.


Stay Healthy,

The West Farleigh in Bloom team




Grow Social

Posted on 5th March, 2020

With the days getting longer we can start to look forward to Spring – and having planted 1500 bulbs in September last year around the village we cant wait for them to come into flower. 


This year, with the help of Kent Wildlife, we want to focus on wild life / wild flower verges around the village.  Kent Wildlife Trust have offered to do a talk for any interested villagers on “Gardening for Wildlife” and we hope to be able to publish a date for this soon.


We will also be providing splashes of colours around the village with our planters – and will of course be encouraging everyone to keep our sunflower theme going.   Did you know that sunflowers are team players?  Research suggests they co-operate with neighbouring plants to share fertile patches of soil – sending out fewer roots.


We are always open to new ideas – please contact us via bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk

2020 Entries

Posted on 5th March, 2020

South and South East in Bloom Competition & the West Farleigh Bloomers!


The ‘West Farleigh in Bloom’ team has entered the 2020 contest once again, in both the Village and Churchyard categories. As you will remember we won Silver medals in both categories last year, so this year our sights are set on ‘Silver Gilt’. Judging is in July so we are really hoping to capitalise on our efforts in the coming months.

Plans we have for spring include, a wildlife walk to analyse what wildflowers our village environment naturally supports, we additionally have wildflower plugs being grown which we will add to areas such as the Ewell Lane triangle, and of course we will also run the tallest sunflower competition again this year. We now have planters at all the road names signs, all with hand carved wooden sunflowers on to brighten them up. If you have further ideas please do email us at Bloom@TheFarleighs.co.uk

We have identified the 2 war graves in the Churchyard at All Saints, those of Captain Fletcher and Bertram Lamy. Those graves already have bare soil in front of them and so our aim is to plant those up with red poppies. 


It is very good news to hear that East Farleigh School now runs a Gardening club for its pupils. Both WF In Bloom and the school club aim to enhance the natural environment, increase horticulture and participate more in the community.


Our next meeting is at the Good Intent pub on Wednesday 19th Feb at 7:30. Everyone is welcome, please do come along and join us.

December: 50kg of Daffofils

Posted on 29th November, 2019

You may have spotted the team out and about planting a massive 50 kgs of bulbs for the spring – mainly daffodils along grass verges - but in the Teston Lane Triangle there are snowdrops, tulips and British bluebells as well – something to look forward to in 2020! We are still looking for somewhere to plant fruit trees – if anyone can think of a place where they could be enjoyed by all our villagers please let us know at bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk


Finally, someone clearly liked our lovely wooden sign at the bottom of Charlton Lane which disappeared a couple of months ago – but re-appeared at the Detling Antiques Fair last weekend as a garden table!!!

November: Goulston Bungalows

Posted on 29th November, 2019

The West Farleigh in Bloom team have been hard at work over the past month in preparation for next year’s competition. With 2 silver medals this year our hopes of further success are high in 2020. At the start of the month we worked on the triangle at the bottom of Ewell Lane. A new planter underneath the road sign was filled with Skimmia and ornamental grasses and the middle section dug over in preparation for wild flowers. The area does look much neater, however a car has already driven right across it. This is a regular occurrence but we will keep on trying. We also had a working party on the bank next to Goulston bungalows that leads down to the Hollow. It was thoroughly weeded and planted up with daffodils for spring. We would like to add some shrubs there too for all yearround interest. At the same time, we planted many more daffodils by the bus stop and around the village noticeboard. We look forward to the colour these will bring next year. Both the bank by Goulston Bungalows and the Daffodil planting round the bus stop and notice board were ideas sent us to by neighbours in the village. If anyone else has any ideas for us please do let us know via the email address 'Bloom@TheFarleighs.co.uk'. We would especially like to plant some fruit trees but would appreciate suggestions where! To keep up to date with our progress do 'like' TheFarleighs on Facebook where we always post pictures and progress updates. The next meeting is at 7:30pm on 30th October at the Good Intent. Please do come along and join us

October: Double Silver!

Posted on 29th November, 2019

Success for West Farleigh in Bloom! At the recent South East in Bloom Awards we won two silvers!! One for the Village in Bloom – improving on our bronze last year, and one for the churchyard in our first year of entering – which is an amazing achievement for Martyn and his team. Thanks to everyone who has supported us. Now we need to up our game again if we are to do even better next year. We are planning more bulb planting around the village – if anyone has a spare grass verge in front of their property they would like us to plant up please let us know – bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk. Wild flower planting is very popular with the judges and to impress them even more we are going to establish a wild flower meadow on the Ewell Lane Triangle. To involve younger people in our projects and to raise awareness of the plight of the bees and butterflies, we wonder if any of the younger generation would be like to look after a bee/butterfly attracting plant which we would provide. In return we would ask for photos and information to include next year: have more bees/butterflies have come to your garden since having the plant, time of year, time of day etc. If you would be interested in this project please contact bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk. Finally – a big thank you to all of you who grew sunflowers. We hope even more of you will grow them next year – particularly as one of us discovered an interesting fact about sunflowers this week. A recent study shows that sunflowers co-operate below the surface, sharing nutrients and demonstrating collaborative behavior – could we ask for a better symbol for our village?

September: Sunflower competition

Posted on 29th November, 2019

Sunflower contest What a lovely morning the West Farleigh in Bloom judges had going round the village admiring all your sunflowers in search of the tallest. The winner was Jackie Ellis of Church Lane whose sunflower was 3m 40 cms, closely followed by joint runners up Pauline and Peter from Charlton Lane and Linda from Mill Cottages whose came in at 3m 20cms. Thank you all for your efforts - it was heartening to find more sunflowers than we did last year (38 households in 2019). Let’s keep this going and put West Farleigh firmly on the Britain in Bloom map as the “village of sunflowers” Garden Party The rain held off for our West Farleigh in Bloom garden party and a wonderful time was had by all. Our guests were treated to a sumptuous afternoon tea and royally entertained by the fabulous Pete & Co. As well as raising money for future West Farleigh in Bloom projects, our guests generously donated £161.50 to Spadeworks in Offham. It was nice to see so many of you there - thank you for your support Bug Hutch competition The West Farleigh in Bloom competition to name the Bug Hotel at the Top of Teston Lane in the designated wildlife area was a tough run contest by the younger members of the village. The judges had a very difficult task but managed to whittle the entries down to 2 that split opinions. It was decided that: 1. The Teston Wildlife Bug Hotel will now be called: ‘The Bug Disco – where bugs do the bug bop’ courtesy of William Fowle (aged 5) which included his pictorial image of the party. 2. An additional Bug Hotel will be built for the Church Yard and be called: Casa Coleoptera courtesy of Oscar Waters (aged 12). Both our finalists won their own mini bug hotels to promote wildlife in their gardens too. Thank-you to all who entered. Next Village in Bloom meeting: Wednesday 18th September, 7:30pm at the Good Intent pub.

August: Garden Party

Posted on 29th November, 2019

August: Garden Party


West Farleigh was visited on Thursday 4th July by Vince Gradwell and Paul Dalby, our 2 designated judges for the South and South East in Bloom competition. The Good Intent kindly hosted us for the start of our presentation with many Bloom members welcoming the judges and giving progress updates. The pub was looking beautiful with their hanging baskets, sunflowers and table posies, the latter courtesy of Bow Meadow flowers on Bow Hill. We discussed the Green and drove down Charlton Lane noting the additions to the village information signs an beautifully kept front gardens, stopped off at Teston Triangle Wildlife area for an update from Ray, our Farleigh Feathers columnist, admired the group effort made by Mill Lane residents and pointed out all the new planters built and filled. The ‘Village’ entry culminated as the ‘Churchyard’ entry started at All Saints church where we were met by more of our volunteers as well as the Kent Messenger for a photograph and article. The judges gave constructive feedback to help guide our efforts and were very impressed across the horticulture, environmental and community categories. We find out the results in September… Unfortunately 3 new planters have been stolen from Charlton Lane over the past month. This will not deter our efforts but is very sad, especially to those residents who created and looked after them. On a more positive note we have received entries for the Name the Bug Hotel competition featured last month and will announce the winner shortly. Date for your diary: on Sunday 11 August 3-5 pm we will be holding our first ever GARDEN PARTY!

July@ Bug Hotel

Posted on 29th November, 2019

Our bug hotel on the wildlife triangle at the top of Teston Lane needs a name!


We would love the children of West Farleigh to suggest a new name – and the person who comes up with the best name will win their very own bug hotel (right)! Please send your suggestions to bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk by 15 July.


The South East in Bloom judges are coming to West Farleigh on 4 July to assess our efforts this year – both in the village and the churchyard. You may not be aware of what we have been doing but can see our presentations to the judges on the Farleighs website.


Let’s hope we get some sun before then to get those sunflowers flowering! Date for your diary: on Sunday 11 August 3-5 pm we will be holding our first ever GARDEN PARTY! Tickets are £7.50 each – please ask one of the Bloom team or email us at bloom@thefarleighs.co.uk if you would like to come. The ticket includes afternoon tea and entertainment from the fantastic Pete & Co. Prosecco will be available for a donation.

June: One month to Go!

Posted on 29th November, 2019

First and foremost, thank you to everyone who supported the plant sale and cream teas – it was a most successful event.


There is only one month to go before the Britain in Bloom judges come to West Farleigh on 4th July – please get those sunflowers going! If they are in your back garden or not visible from the road please send us photos to add to our album. We appreciate your efforts in keeping front gardens looking lovely – we are sure the judges will be as impressed as they were last year – so thank you everyone.


We hope that our Fathers Day Ramble on Sunday 16th June will be as popular as it was last year – this year we have devised a quiz to make the walk more interesting. The route and quiz sheet is enclosed with this month’s edition – the entry fee is £1. Entries will be collected at the two main refreshment points on the day (The Green and 2 Court Lodge Cottages (along from the church)), but you can complete the quiz at any time and post your entry with £1 to 1 The Green, Charlton Lane (by the white picket fence). Closing date is Friday 21 June. For the children we will give prizes on the day for finding a shiny stone, large leaf, pretty wild flower, something unusual like a feather or nut, and a piece of rubbish – but please don’t post this through 1 The Green!!


We are looking for a graphic designer who could help us with a poster to make into an information type notice – please contact us if you know someone!


Another date for your diary:

Sunday 11 August - we are planning a garden party with the fabulous Pete & Co to entertain us! Our next meeting is on Thursday 6 June at 7.30 pm at the Good Intent – please feel free to join us and hear more about what we are doing.