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Amazon Prime Scam

Posted on 14th May, 2020

BBC Radio 4 programme You and Yours have highlighted a very worrying scam about Amazon Prime account cancellations and renewals.


Phone calls are received from supposed Amazon 'agents' saying they want to deal with your  request to cancel/renewal your Amazon Prime membership. You are then are asked to download a programme/App called TeamViewer.  This is a legitimate programme often used by company IT departments to access and troubleshoot employees' problems.


You are then asked to give the number and password that they send you.  DO NOT ENTER THESE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.  They will then give access to the whole of your computer including emails, social media, online banking etc etc.


If you refuse, apparently the operative gets very abusive and tries to frighten people into loading the app,


To date approximately £2,000,000 has been stolen from bank accounts.


Do take care and be safe


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