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Latest Scams from NHW West Division

Posted on 3rd March, 2018

NHW Police coordinators advise of the following scams


Scam calls


Two suspicious callers  have contacted a member of Neighbourhood watch recently; these are believed to have been made by the same caller.


Call 1 - a male possibly from a foreign call centre told the member that they were from homeserve and that they were paying £5 too much for their TV licence, the male then put the member through to  a female who asked for the long card number of their credit card in order to change the Direct debit, this was of course refused and the lady became very curt and demanding, but details were refused and call ended


Call 2 - about 10 days later a further call was received, possibly from the same male, this time purporting to be from BT and how they could save £5 a month, when member pointed out that this was the second such call received, the male cleared the line.


On both occasions a telephone number was displayed, but neither of these numbers appear to exist. Dont give any details over the phone unless you are absolutely certain of who you are talking to.


Bank Scam


A Bank Scam was attempted whereby unauthorised withdrawals were noted on an account, the account holder rang who they thought were their bank, they were on hold for some 30 minutes before calling from a land line to check, the Bank advised them their line had also been compromised.


Please take care when calling the Bank to ensure you are actually connected to the bank.


Serious Fraud Office Scam


It has been reported that a call was received purporting to be from the "Serious Fraud Office" about some odd transactions on a bank card that morning and wanting to confirm some details.  When asked which "serious fraud office" they were calling from they put the phone down.


There are also reports of scams where the caller states they are from the police, the Police will not ask for Bank details or ask you for your card.


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