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Latest scams from Kent Police NHW

Posted on 6th December, 2017

This information was received from Kent Police


Suspicious Call


A phone call was received from a person who claimed to be employed by ' one of three government employed companies' to check the power installations in private homes. He stated the home was on his list and wished to make an appointment to carry out the inspection, which he implied was obligatory.


The Caller replied stated the check was free but the householder would be charged for any remedial work.


There have been similar calls relating to water and power where people were offered money from the government to carry out insulations and checks, but these are NOT obligatory.


Please check that any companies you ask to carry out the work are suitably registered and that the work is actually required, and DON'T allow anyone into you home unless you are certain they are genuine.


Another Courier Scam


Telephone call received (late November 2017) advising that they were calling from the bank – they did not specify which bank and naturally this was not questioned.  Caller stated he was conducting an internal investigation into bank staff and that she was to tell no one that she was assisting with the investigation.  He stated that counterfeit money had been put into accounts and that she was to withdraw 2 separate sums on consecutive days, and that once withdrawn he would ring her and check random numbers on some of the bank notes to determine if they were the ones that they had introduced and were circulating in the system. A courier from the bank would collect the money and then her account would be re credited with genuine notes. She was to leave the phone off the hook when they were communicating so that she would not be contacted by anyone and she was to tell no one why she was withdrawing the money, including the bank staff. She also had to take ID to withdraw the money.  Money was withdrawn and the courier, described as male in his 20s and Mediterranean appearance, collected the money the same day.


Remember no-one in authority will ask for your account numbers or ask you to withdraw money from the bank.



Be careful out there!



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