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Latest BT scam

Posted on 5th February, 2017

As you are probably aware BT are offering their customers a free service of blocking known cold call numbers - on the back of this it appears that there is a telephone scam going round.


A call was made by someone who said they were from the Telephone Preference Service and that they could upgrade the victims membership of the TPS (Telephone Preference Service)and block unwanted calls for free.


They already had the last four numbers of their credit card and asked for the rest of the number - when asked why if it was free they said as form of identify



Please be on your guard.

Sadly this was provided to them and they then went on to ask for the 3 letter security number on the back at this point it was realised that they were being scammed.


They told the caller that they wouldn't give them that to which the scammers replied 'Well it isn't as though we are asking you for your pin number'


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