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Take extra care at this time of the year

Posted on 21st October, 2015

I have received a number of emails from Kent Police and the Neighbourhood Watch team warning of a variety of scams which are on the increase at this time of year.  They range from telephone calls requesting your help to track down fraudsters to callers at the door stating they are from utility companies to emails asking for bank details to secure your account,


Just follow a few simple steps to keep yourself and your money safe.


Never pass on your bank details to anyone over the phone - callers will suggest you call your bank/police station immediatley you put your phone down.  What you dont realise is that they havent disconnected and will answer your outgoing call so make sure you hang up and make that call later ensuring you have a dialing tone;  by email - banks and organisations will never ask for your bank details in this way.


Properly check the identity of who knocks on your door and dont let them in unless you are certain of who they are - better to shut the door and ring the company they say they are calling from before letting them in.


Always ensure your house is secure before leaving. 


Most of all - keep safe and check on vulnerable family and neighbours.


Do let me know if you have any queries or if I can help in any way.


Jacky Taylor

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