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Fraudsters stay on the line while you call "your bank."

Posted on 31st December, 2014

Fraudsters have a new technique to gain the trust of their victims.  Here's an example:


The suspect rang an elderly lady stating he was from the Met police and her barclaycard had been used in the Apple Store in Regent St.  To gain the victims trust he said to hang up and call Barclays to cancel her card.  He would call her back in 30mins or so. The lady replaced the handset but the suspect didn't and kept line open. When she called Barclays to cancel the card, the fraudster pretended to be a member of Barclays Bank staff!  Subsequently the suspect rang and asked if she could help police with their enquiries by going to Barclays and withdrawing large sums of cash so they could be forensically tested and passed to police. 


If you receive a call of this nature and did want to call your bank then please do it from another phone. And if you are approached with a request by a policeman, ask to see a warrant card and take the time to inspect it.  You should ask the officer to take it out of its plastic wallet.

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