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Kent Men of Trees is a local organising for promoting the Love of Trees and Encouraging the Planting and Protection of Trees in Kent'


They run an annual competition, more information on which can be found here...



Tree Wardens


We are currently seeking a new Tree Warden in West Farleigh to help us with the Men of Kent competition. Are you interested (you don't need to be a man!)?


Past Wardens have included: 


Documentation on Quarry Wood


Designation & Description from Kent Wildlife Trust


Map of Quarry Wood


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Rare moth spotted!

Quarry Wood, Kent WildlifeTrust


Tranquil ancient mixed woodland with the Ewell stream and watercress ponds. Much of the reserve is Sweet Chestnut coppice. The north side of the reserve has mature oak and beech and between here and the old ragstone quarry - ash and sycamore can be found in the long damp valley.

There is a small area of conifers in the centre of the reserve in what was once a hop garden. The sides of the stream at the bottom of the valley are covered in plants such as golden saxifrage, cuckooflower, red campion and a large colony of ramsons. The valley slopes are covered with dog's mercury, early-purple orchid, twayblade and the occasional common spotted-orchid.



West Farleigh in Bloom


West Farleigh has entered the Village category for the first time in 2018. To participate please contact editor@thefarleighs.co.uk


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