West Farleigh in Bloom


The Sunflower Competition is now closed and we have winners!


Holly French from The Hollow won the tallest sunflower competition with a flower that reached 2.74meters tall.


Gabby King won the Best Display sunflower competition with her sunflowers all growing up the telegraph pole outside her house.


Both won trophies to keep and commemorate their fantastic achievements. 

Thanks to all for entering.


Jan: Will you join us?

Posted on 10th March, 2018

We are fortunate enough that West Farleigh is a very beautiful place to live and there is a strong community of friendly residents. So we wondered if it was possible to make it even better for everyone?


There is interest in entering the Britain in Bloom competition; to plant flowers in public areas, encourage wildlife, be more sustainable and have fun as a community. Are you interested to participate?


We are looking for people to help design a plan, who have an interest in the outdoors - be it wildlife or plants. Maybe a green gym is more appealing than a traditional gym for exercise? Perhaps you are good at baking cakes to keep the moral up?! We are keen to hear from anyone, not just existing keen gardeners (though those are definitely needed too please)


Please indicate your interest here or send an email to: editor@thefarleighs.co.uk





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