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May 2021

Posted on 20th April, 2021
The garden is now in bloom, but I know what you’re thinking it could do with a good water! And I must agree, we could do with some more rain! Its still currently April as I am writing this and the ground is already cracking, plants are wilting, and seeds are not germinating. For me this means at least 2 full days of watering each week as a minimum just to keep plants alive, but it also gives you ideas. Should we be planting up are gardens with more drought tolerant plants? Maybe more Mediterranean or tropical in nature. We will revisit this later in anther blog post…  Because now It’s time to harden off your cannas and dahlias by leaving them out during the day and taking them in at night for a week or two. Just keep an eye on the weather and temperature as below 0 can still do damage to young plants.
Keep on top of your climbers like clematis and sweet peas, they will need to be tied into a framework weekly to keep them under control for at least the first 6 weeks of growth. To get the best display and to stop them from splaying out and smothering other plants.
Also look out for pests and diseases. Blackspot on roses can be sprayed with systemic fungicide. Make sure you read the label and spray at the correct time for the most affect. But there is another option! Just let it be, roses get black spot this is just part and parcel of owning roses. My suggestion would be to do more cultural control methods such as removing all waste material from the soil in winter, giving the bed a good mulch and the rose a hard prune. Try it this winter and you will be amazed at the difference it can have.
Try your best to keep on top of the weeding, as its currently so dry hoeing off will be the quickest choice just make sure you pick up anything that may re-root like grass for example. Having less weeds will mean less competition for water and nutrients for your other plants which in turn will make your plants develop and grow stronger.
Whilst weeding don't be tempted to clear the foliage from spring bulbs that have finished flowering until the foliage has faded. This will allow the bulb to get the most energy stores for next year.

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